Monday, July 8, 2013

Tolkien Weekly #4 - Your Favorite LOTR Characters

This week we are taking a brief break from The Saga of Khazad-dûm to have a little discussion on our favorite characters in the LOTR universe.  Just give us a name and a bit about why you like the character.  They can be good, evil, neutral -- it doesn't matter!  The characters can be from the extended universe as well -- don't be shy about naming a character from The Silmarillion or The Book of Lost Tales!


  1. Too many to choose from.

    Faramir is my favorite character from the books, Aragorn from the movies.

    I honestly never really liked the hobbits a whole bunch, though I did like the character arc for Pippin going from a Fool of a Took in Fellowship to Gandalf and Faramir's savior in Return.

    Tom Bombadil always intrigued me, as does Beorn.

    Gandalf is almost too awesome to be interesting. He needs more flaws or temptations to make him better.

    From the Silmarillion it was Beren and Luthien that sticks in my mind the longest. Though I also really liked Tulkas as well as he was always cheerful in battle and sport alike. For a time I actually thought maybe Tulkas and Tom Bombadil could have been one and the same, but there are definitely flaws in that logic.

  2. Great choices, Bru! I hail your choice of Beren and Lúthien; I think that apart from the LOTR trilogy, their tale may be the most gripping that Tolkien wrote. They are some of my favorite characters, as well. And Tom Bombadil is always a very fun character.

    Here are just a few of my favorite characters: Treebeard, Fëanor, Aragorn, Glaurung, and Éowyn. Some of these choices deserve some explanation. I have always loved Treebeard for his deep, booming voice and his fierce protection of anything dear to him (two certain Hobbits included). Fëanor is a tragic figure, as his greed for the Silmarils leads to his demise and a great hurt to his people, but of the many characters that Tolkien construed Fëanor resonates with me perhaps the most because he seems to be the most human. That may be strange, in some ways, since he is an Elf, but many of the mannerisms that he portrays are quite human. Glaurung, Father of Dragons, is obviously an "evil" creature, but I have always enjoyed his cunning. It was Glaurung who caused the great grief to come between the children of Hurin. I do not like Éowyn's portrayal in the movies, and her character in the movies has never been what I pictured her to be. I admire her for her courage and determination, but above all her love in a House long filled with adversity.

    Just some of my own thoughts!