Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Writing A New Tolkien Fan Fiction Piece!

Just to whet your appetites, I'm working on a fairly lengthy LotR fan fiction piece.  It's written more in the style of The Silmarillion, if you've read that.  I'll give you a few basic plot lines just to tweak your interest.  The lore of Middle Earth tells of five Wizards (the Istari) who were sent out by the Valar to contest the will of Sauron.  Those who have read LotR are familiar with Saruman and Gandalf.  And if you've seen The Hobbit, the third Wizard is named Radagast the Brown.  In all of Tolkien's writings, there are only a few lines about the other two Wizards -- they are called the Blue Wizards and their names are given, but that is about it.  My story follows the path of one of these Wizards.  Just to entice you further, there may be a dragon in my story somewhere as well...

I hope to have it done by the end of spring break, but we shall see.  I think that when it's done, you will have fun reading it!

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